Sunday, July 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Junk' by Josephine Myles


Hoarding… a topic of our times. Junk is an impressive story, tastefully written, of this ailment and the journey to controlling the hoarding urges. It is also a love story. The characters could be a man and a woman, woman and a woman, etc. In this case, the main characters are two gay men who bond and support each other during this journey.
Psychologists work with people suffering from this dysfunction to help identify the underlying reason for hoarding. I was very impressed with the treatment of this ailment as depicted in this book. It felt like a gentle prodding of the mind, helping the “patient” reach his deepest feelings and uncovering the crisis that prompted the hoarding to begin.
Jasper is adorable. He is hurting so much after the death of his mother. You would think this was the trigger for the hoarding obsession but as the story evolves, you realize there are secrets buried deeper than the walls of his house.
I admire the character of Lewis. He is dealing with his own demons and handling his obsession with shopping and clothes. As he fights the attraction to Jasper, he also realizes that Jasper may also hold the key to his own happiness.
This is a gay love story. It is so tactfully written, the descriptions might apply to lovers of any mix of genders. Gentle, tender and passionate are few adjectives to describe the love scenes.  A complete story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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