Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Embers in the Ice' by Jade Lawson

British author Jade Lawson studied Creative Writing and English Literature and writes for radio, television and film in addition to her novels. THE WHISPERS OF A ROSE was her debut novel, a Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy. Now she appears to be opening a series in that her second novel EMBERS IN THE ICE is termed a Prequel.

Though this book is very short it opens the gates for a promising continuing saga, so well developed are her early ideas and characters. The book falls in to the mythology and fantasy classification - a welcome escape form the world we are struggling with today!

From Jade’s opening the mystery is hinted while the character and prophecy of what lies ahead is placed before the reader – ‘A vibration shook the walls. A clamour reverberated. Objects and furniture flew, crashing into the walls. Silence. Théoden exhaled in exhaustion. He observed the damage he had caused— The bowl and pitcher from the washstand were all shattered, objects were ruined and strewn around the entire room, and the furniture made from sturdy oak was split into portions of different sizes. A chest of drawers and an armoire topped the broken bed, and the mattress peeked out in the middle, flaunting part of a ripped linen. Théoden tottered and wiped away all the destruction with a gesture of his hand. The bedroom was tidy, and the furniture restored and in the right place again. He saw the remnants of thick glass; a jagged piece belonging to the square mirror. Emotions burrowed into him. He did not want to think about it … feel it again. Théoden went down on his knees and held the glass. He needed physical pain to distract his mind, to numb his emotions, to relieve him. Théoden clasped the sharp material, tightening his palm and fingers around it. He seized the glass with a growing strength, his hand shaking. It cut his flesh, and blood slipped from his ivory skin to drip on the floor. Fifty years ago, when Théoden was born, his parents and all the Krasak had agreed that he had to die. His parents never hesitated or flinched. Yet, he’d survived against all the odds. A man named Jeremiah and his wife Louise—humans—found him in the woods. Louise was barren and begged her husband to let her keep the infant.’

The synopsis claries the direction of the story – ‘Two powerful beings linked by a shared anomaly, and a mystical yet dangerous bond. The Last hope of humankind. Humans and Earth will be destroyed, and nothing can stop that imminent devastation, except … the embers in the ice. Made from the ice of the Krasak and the fire of humans, Théoden is an abomination and a threat to his people, the Krasak. Nevaeh and Paige are two seemingly normal nine-year-old sisters. But their mother, Alice, has a dark secret. When schoolteacher Mrs Meyers realises Nevaeh has powers beyond human comprehension, that secret gets harder and harder to keep. As Nevaeh’s abilities continue evolving, Théoden leaves behind a trail of the dead on his hunt for the other ember in the ice.

As Jade sifts into our mind she offers An ending and beginning, An ancient and new dawn, Set in stone, Deadly destruction, Blooming hope, Fire and Ice Humans, The others, and the ember in the ice. A fine prequel this, setting in place the strange events that obviously lie ahead as the series develops. Grady Harp, July 18

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