Saturday, July 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Distrust: Bad Boy Pregnancy Romance' by Ellen Hutton

Author Ellen Hutton has written over a dozen bad boy romances using billionaires, mafia men, and men of any persuasion who love to be bad. She has the style of fine Chick Lit down and knows how to match her bad boys with women who can match them.

From her opening paragraphs we get to understand our heroine – ‘Jessica - It had been my dream since I was a little girl to work for Threads, one of the most popular fashion magazines in the United States. It was always prominently on display at the cashier counter at every store in the city, its cover displayed proudly for everyone to view as they unloaded their cart onto the conveyor belt that would carry their purchases toward the cashier. I would occasionally talk my mother into buying me a copy, which would be carefully placed in a drawer in my bedroom until I was ready to pour through the pages, savoring every picture and every word in between the covers. The photographers always did a marvelous job at capturing the beautiful models in whatever was supposed to be trending that season. The images telling a silent story as my eyes drifted across each one. At last, in my early-twenties, I was sitting in a waiting area awaiting an interview to be an intern at the magazine. There was no way I would ever be one of the models, which was my initial dream, I was not built for that. I was shorter than most of the people in my class every year, my hair an average color of mousy brown and my eyes were a shade of brown that reminded me of muddy water. I always saw myself as that plain Jane, girl next door type, and based solely on my attention from the boys in my classes (or more specifically the lack thereof), so did everybody else. My mother always told me as I grew up that, although I was not one of the beautiful people, I had my purpose in this life and soon enough I would find out what that was. Most moms encouraged their child’s dreams and fantasies, even if they knew there was no chance in hell their daughter would ever succeed at what they wanted to do, but not mine. She was always straight and to the point, and never pulled any punches. What I did have, in the absence of phenomenal good looks and a flawless physique, was the ability to put anything down into words that I thought of. Stories, poetry, even the essays that most people dreaded being assigned were easy for me. All I needed was a handful of facts: names; dates; places, and I could weave a tale so believable, you would have thought I was right there when whatever it was I had to write about happened. I in fact, preferred an essay test over a multiple choice test any day of the week. Most people would prefer to take their chances with the four selections available to choose from on a test where the answers were given to you, but I fancied the idea that I might impress my professors with my wordsmithing abilities. They were never disappointed.’

Bait set and trap ready, and the synopsis explains: ‘He's hot and he's bad, as in bad, bad boy. He wants her though she knows she can't go there. Can Jessica Goldstein resist the advances of super hot and super bad boy Reighn Adams... and her own desires? The stakes in this romance go up--way up. Jessica Goldstein has worked hard to get where she is. She focused herself and soon, she was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: An internship at Threads. All is right with the world until she faces a man who interjects a sense of chaos into an otherwise successful life. Reighn Abrams had a rough childhood but since he became a male supermodel, he has it all. Money, designer clothes, access to anywhere he wants to go, and of course, women. Reighn lives his lives in pursuit of his own pleasure, whatever that may be. He meets Jessica who rejects him, driving him insane. Reighn is finally able to prove himself to Jessica, who after getting to know him, that he wasn’t that bad after all. They struggle to get past the hurdle of distrust Jessica but eventually, forgiveness heals and she is able to look past it and move on.’

A fine push – pull romance that ends well – and with a lot of steam still pouring out. Ellen has found her niche - and that is to the good fortune of Chick Lit lovers. Grady Harp, July 18

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