Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Cherie’s Silk' by Dena Garson


For two years now every time Mason Andrews speaks to Cherie she has to fight to not turn into a puddle of mush. Bantering partners at work, Cherie loves playing devil’s advocate with Mason and their often heated exchanges push them both outside their usual boundaries in their careers. Cherie, despite her crush on Mason, doesn’t want to mess with the good working relationship they share. But a small “wardrobe malfunction” at a big conference has that all changing when Mason discovers her secret obsession. Sexy underwear.
Fun, frivolous and with lots of naughty banter, this is a fabulous “naughty nooner”. Despite the short length there’s a delicious buildup of sexual tension that reaches a lovely culmination. I’m not sure how restricted by the word limit the author was, but I would have loved it if there’s been a bit more length to the heat between Mason and Cherie. While the interlude between them didn’t feel rushed, I was a bit sad that it wasn’t balanced (one partner got off while the other had to wait). This had me feeling like the story was left a bit hanging, waiting for the rest to occur, but was up to my imagination in the end. Also the question of whether this was a “happy for now” or “happy ending” was also left open, which doesn’t bother me, but might be unsatisfying for other readers.
Well written and with interesting characters, I enjoyed this short story and found it a good taste of the author’s style and voice. I’d certainly be interested in reading more by her.

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