Friday, July 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Chasing Morgan' by Jennifer Ryan


FBI Agent Tyler finally gets to physically meet Morgan Standish … and for more than 5 minutes. This woman has haunted his thoughts and mind through the unique mental link they share. If you have been following The Hunted Series, you are probably doing cartwheels just about now to finally read their story.
Morgan’s gifts of empathy, intuition, and seer of past, present and future is unique. Her link with Tyler goes beyond what she is able to “see” for others. They are linked… fated. She is so courageous! She can see what the future can bring for others, but not for her. She also knows that any action taken can disturb what she has seen and make the outcome unknown. She risks her life for others even though she knows her life is at risk. I loved how this author was able to convey how she “sees” into the past and the future. She is able to convince non-believers (and children) of how her gift is able to help others.
Tyler is exasperating at times. He is so stubborn he actually places Morgan more at risk than she should be. They are both battling two direct threats that could cost Morgan her life. What is inevitable, and we cheer for, is the love he and Morgan are fated to share. He keeps denying his feelings until I was physically shaking my Kindle and asking him, aloud, to get over himself and accept this love. Thankfully, I was alone with my cats while I was doing this… no other witnesses!
If you have not read this series, you can read this as a standalone novel. It is a sizzling romance which time has finally come. I don’t know what Jennifer Ryan has in store for these characters in the future… but I can think of a thing or two that could make a good story for them. I hope she continues to write about them.

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