Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Changed' by Aline Hunter


This book was another excellent read from Aline Hunter. Hunter continues her Wolf’s Den Series with Changed, the second book in the series. This is Declan and Rachel’s story. It was a thrilling read for me, and I enjoyed every page.
We met Declan and Rachel as intriguing secondary characters in Marked. Declan as the beta wolf of Jackson’s pack, and Rachel as Chloe’s best friend. Declan knew right away that he had found his mate, but Rachel has a strong aversion to the supernatural world. He realizes that things could go sideways real quickly with her. So he checks his wolf and is determined to win his mate over before he claims her. But Rachel is one stubborn female, so she puts him through it for a while. Until a dangerous attack takes away her choice.
I liked the characters in this story a lot. Rachel was a tough as nails female, whose fears made her a hard one to win. Even for a sexy wolf like Declan, and despite the sparks that were bound to be flying. I loved how he handled her with care, giving her time to accept him. I liked that she came to embrace her new family without so much drama. Yes, something did happen that sped things up. But she handled it well considering that her crazy mother had terrified her about werewolves and all. I liked that Hunter took the road that she did with these characters. The plot was solid, with some danger and suspense. The writing was great, with strong characters that drew me into the story and kept me there. The story flowed perfectly, with everything happening for a reason. Easy to understand, though it had been some time since I had read the first book. I was expecting some complex subplots, and Hunter did a super job, deftly navigating without overpowering the featured love story. There was a great secondary story going on with Shane, the rogue wolf turned temporary beta. Hunter gave some surprising insight into his character, why he ended up with in Atrium Hill, with a fantastic setup for his book. It was mysterious and has me anticipating reading the next book. I would be happy if it came out tomorrow.
Changed was a great read. I enjoyed it very much. I am happy to recommend it to all paranormal readers, and look forward to reading Sought, the next book in the Wolf’s Den Series.

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