Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Book Review: 'The Billionaire Bargain' by Barb Han


Rae is financially broke. She is literally counting her last pennies. She has done everything in her power to help her father who is fighting a rare blood disease. Now, she is placing her own job on the line as a last ditch move to secure a place for her father in a clinical study that may save his life.
This story is based on a great premise. Rae finds her father dying and rushes to his rescue. We find out many things about Rae, but we do not really get a full view of her past. That past involves a self-made billionaire Daegen Tan. He controls the clinical study that can save her father’s life. The rest you might well guess.
Rae’s father’s story is heart wrenching. The author spends time showing us how guilty he feels about his life and his inability to take care of Rae. Now that he is so sick, he is guilt ridden that he is a burden to Rae when she should be living her life.
Daegen appears to be a strong Alpha Male type who is made out to be ruthless. I felt like he still loved Rae and his ruthlessness comes from the fact that she hurt him deeply when she left. I like how the author brings out his disillusionment with Rae as an issue he has to deal with. His emotions are clearly raw and throughout the course of the story I understood the fact that she left him to pursue her career and climb the corporate ladder. To Daegen this was tantamount to a slap in the face. This vulnerability is his most redeeming factor as far as I’m concerned. He’s either angry or losing his temper but somehow does not come through as overly ruthless even if that’s the way his character is presented.
Although the story has interesting scenes and a strong premise, I would really like to have learned a little more about Rae’s character. I did get a lot of facts about the turmoil going on in both Rae’s and Daegen’s lives. Their relationship is strained to say the least. They have a history and the feelings are still raw.
Overall, this is an interesting story. Readers who enjoy an emotionally charged romance with lots of plot twists will likely enjoy this novel.

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