Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Between the Words' by Linda Maze

Author Linda Maze dreamed of being a movie director -not a model, or doctor, or lawyer. Now she writes novels that she as author can direct every aspect of her created stories! She debuts with a series she calls a Sexy Romantic Duet and BETWEEN THE WORDS is volume one.

From a director’s standpoint Linda starts her novel with a take off (literally) – ‘“Welcome aboard flight 852 to Athens,” the captain’s voice was heard over the speakers. “We have received permission to take off. Thank you for choosing El Al.” I reached down to check if my safety belt was fastened, and smiled as if it would save me from certain death if the plane were to crash. I laid back in the seat as far as I could, still amazed that Shirley, my publisher, had managed to persuade me to take a break from everything and travel abroad. Knowing that Kfir, my six-year-old son, would spend the summer vacation with his father put my mind at ease and helped me make the decision to go. Although Guy and I had been divorced for two years, he’s a good father to Kfir, and I knew he would take care of him better than anyone else. I had not yet taken in the fact that I was on my way to Athens, the capital of Greece, named after Athena, the goddess of wisdom, justice, and war in Greek mythology. I closed my eyes and thought of Shirley’s words to me: ‘Go on vacation and don’t come back until you finish writing the book.’ It had already been two years since my last book was published, so my follow up novel was long overdue. I hoped very much that my readers would not forget me and would remain loyal to my writing. Of course, it would be even more amazing if my new book became a bestseller like my previous books, otherwise, my publishing company may decide to discontinue their investment in me. New talents are born every day and I must focus and maintain my position in this field. I didn’t want to think about what would happen if Shirley knew that I didn’t even have an idea formed for this new book. She would probably go crazy. I needed some brilliant vision that would inspire me, and fast. So far, I had written prose, but this time I wanted to write a romantic novel. A story about love and second chances.’

Now we are at destination Athens and the plot is summarized well – ‘Two years have passed since the successful writer, Yasmin Weizmann, published her latest bestseller. Shirley, her publisher, sets a deadline for submitting the first draft of her upcoming book and sends her to Athens in an attempt to rekindle her inspiration. With great hesitation, Yasmin packs her cynicism alongside her bathing suit and laptop and boards a plane to Greece. But what happens when the line between reality and fantasy blurs? How will the story end? The answer, as in all books, is hidden between the words.’

A fine debut for a lady with a sense of drama and romance – and everything else that is between the lines. Grady Harp, July 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited.

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