Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Berlin to Bern' by Pierce Smith

Author Pierce Smith is a young, single, sexy author, who lives alone in the countryside – somewhere! He writes Paranormal, Gay and Lesbian, and Romance in his fantasy paranormal world of ghosts, shapeshifters, aliens and more. He has now written five novels and many short stories. BERLiN TO BERN falls into the novella category – short, but with a well-developed set of characters and plot line that seems to plead to transform into a longer format.

Pierce paints his opening ages well, with just enough suggestion of the character of note’s psyche and plans – ‘The station was vast with a beautiful glass-domed roof, almost cathedral-like in its design. Lots of shops lined the concourse encouraging people to buy on the spur of the moment items. I found a small buchgescäft to buy a book to read. Searching through the shelves I found a little book about one man’s sexual journey, how he opened his mind to different sexual experiences. Looking forward to reading it on the train, I quickly grabbed a classic book, The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann, to place on top of it, so people couldn't see what I had bought. I felt like an underage teenager buying a porn magazine. The guy at the till paid no attention to my purchases. Placing them in a paper bag, he handed me the receipt and continued to stare out the window, bored working in this environment. Crossing over to the zeitschrifthändler I loaded up on drinks, chocolate and bags of crisps. Not knowing what platform my train was due to arrive at, I went to a random platform to wait. I had enough time to take in some eye tonic around me. That was all I could do there. I sighed and stared around. There was no one to my taste. Fit and fine. Drool-worthy and therefore ogling them surreptitiously, spying on gorgeous men was a vice I enjoyed indulging in. The men could be straight or gay, it didn't matter, and it was the watching and the imagined desires that turned me on. In my hurry to get to the station on time, I had gone commando. I had pulled on a pair of military cargo shorts falling to my knees and fastened around my waist with a loosely held belt. A tight fitting t-shirt, with short sleeves, was showing off my gym fit, athletic body. Though before I left home, I had no plans to be sexually active on the train journey, running across the platform
had made me sweaty enough, that my cotton t-shirt stuck to my body showing off my fine pecs. So, now I was both bait and prey. My soul played well at the switch game depending upon the cock before me. I ogled a few men but none were to my taste again. Someone shouted, “Koby” behind me and in my surprise I turned back. I had a boyfriend, Koby. To be more accurate you could say he was my lover, and was a secret. No one else knew about him. To the rest of the world I was single, living a lavish lifestyle in Berlin away from my parents.’ Fine writing skills here, and the plot begins to develop.

The synopsis offers as much of the story as allowable in a review – ‘What would you do if you were entrapped in a hidden unnamed cabin on a train from Berlin to Switzerland? A closed lavishly decorated room which oozed sex and liquor from all over the world. What would Robin do if one after another, lecherous men entered in their official dress and made him kneel before them? What could Robin have done? Robin moaning, grunting, pleading, serving, and gratifying their dark hunger. A short biographical story based on Robin - of course, his name has been changed - when once he hurriedly boarded the train to go to his first ever job interview. The sin he had no ticket. Rascal, the ticket inspector, offered, that instead of payment, he could spend the night in a hidden compartment. Rascal came for him when the other passengers on the train were asleep and when finally Robin was sleeping in the embrace of Rascal, a shadow knocked at the door. Or was it shadows? Robin had no idea this night would never end while learning the true art of submission. This dark longing is buried in the deepest corner of all our hearts.’

BDSM is a subject most writers have difficulty understanding/communicating, but Pierce is the exception. His ideas are well defined and refreshingly immediate. He should do very well in his chosen field – from wherever he is writing! Grady Harp, July 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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