Thursday, July 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Beltane Fires' by Erzabet Bishop


When paganism meets real life, fantasies are stoked and wishes can come true.
Young witch Ceri is having a bad birthday. She’s recently single, fed up and not sure what she’s going to do with herself. Thank goodness for her friends Alex and Fiona who whisk her away to the Beltane Fires for a night of fun. Beltane Fires is pagan festival of fertility and draws crowds of revellers from far and wide.
There were some really nice lines in Beltane Fires, particularly in the opening few pages. Descriptions that set me into the story and dialogue that told me what I needed to know without being an information dump. I liked Alex and Fiona too; their togetherness as a couple was sweet though I did agree with Ceri that she was a bit of a gooseberry.
While the festival is taking place Ceri takes a walk along a wooded path, she wasn’t enjoying all the drinking and merriment when she was feeling low. Add in the fact that everyone was in couples, looking set to have their lusty desires met, and she really needed to get away. She meets a handsome stranger, the Forest Lord and then… Phew!
Beltane Fires is a short read, a nice start to a series that mixes paganism with erotic romance and if you like fantasy and hot guys this would appeal to you. Ms Bishop has a nice way of creating a scene with a wide use of adjectives that complement each other rather than bogging the reader down with words.
I liked Ceri, and her Forest Lord. Of course they have lots of wild, rampant sex pretty damn quick after meeting, but this ‘is’ a story and this ‘is’ fantasy, and to be honest, it was just what I was looking for when I picked up Beltane Fires. I would certainly read more in the series.

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