Thursday, July 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Before CE O (Bettergasms Inc. Book 1)' by M.T. Stone

Author M.T. Stone has published sixteen books to date – a factor that raises status in the Chick Lit department. There is no biographical data provided so the gender of the ath0r remains unknown. From the stream that rises form the pages – both from the feminine and masculine perspective – it seems that erotica is an innate talent in this author who states, ‘My goal is to provide an escape for my readers, allowing them to be swept away for a few hours and taken on an emotional journey. If you like page turning stories that you can't put down, then I think you will like my books.’

After a Prologue that is too steaming to quote in a review we meet our male main character – ‘Three quarters and fourteen minutes in, the game is on the line. We need three points to tie, as it’s been a defensive battle with neither team having any success in the red zone. Once again, we’re faced with third and long, needing eight yards for a first down and nine for a touchdown. There are times when eight yards seems like a mile, and against this defense, now is one of those moments. We need to shake things up. I signal the offensive coordinator that I want a shot at taking it in. He lowers his head, staring at me over his sunglasses for what seems like ten seconds. He calls a time out. The strain on his face becomes evident as we huddle around him on the sideline. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asks, knowing full well it’s a risky play. “These guys will take you out if we give them a chance.” “I know, but that’s why they won’t be expecting it,” I reply, glancing up at two of the NFL scouts who are seated just behind us. I haven’t been able to show them what I’m capable of so far. It’s now or never. “I’m willing to take the chance.”
And so we open with the sport dream career that quickly changes – due to fate?????

As the fine little synopsis states, ‘My entire world was shattered in the blink of an eye...Confined to a hospital bed with a halo holding my neck together, the only woman I ever loved betrayed me. It turns out that losing my career as an NFL quarterback was a deal breaker for her as well. Physically healed and mentally broken, the struggle began to put the pieces back together. After exploring my options, the only other natural talent that emerges is my skill in the bedroom. A sex therapist named Cindy, who is friends with my mother, opens my mind to a whole new world. My god given talents and endowment are suddenly invaluable assets going to the highest bidder. Who would've thought that curling toes and delivering O's could be such a lucrative career choice.’

Fast reading and very erotic on many levels, this is bound to be a favorite among the Chick Lit set. Grady Harp, June 18

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