Sunday, July 8, 2018

Book Review: 'Babble Magic' by Miguel Lopez de Leon

Los Angeles movie star handsome author Miguel Lopez de Leon entered the published literary scene with his GALADRIA TRILOGY, a series with the fantasy flavor written with polished prose that will satisfy the young adult and middle grade audience to which it is directed. His other novels include THE COVENS OF ELMEERIA, the prize winning THE LIGHT DWELLER, and this fine book BABBLE MAGIC. Miguel is a prolific writer of short stories and has won awards for his sophisticated work. Of note Miguel is also a model for such companies as Diesel and the Italian ‘Bergamo.’ He is also involved with real estate, financial investing, and international philanthropic work. In addition to his four published novels Miguel’s prize winning short stories have been published in The Shine Journal, The Oddville Press Magazine, The Cynic Magazine, Fantastic Horror Magazine, The Absent Willow Review, Hungur Magazine, Illumen Digest, Sounds of the Night Magazine, Niteblade Magazine, The Solid Gold Anthology- UK (Published by Gold Dust Magazine), The Cover of Darkness Anthology, as well as seven separate paperback anthologies by Pill Hill Press.

There is an immediate stage with proscenium arch that holds the beginning of Miguel’s tale – ‘Ancient language continued to spill forth from the agitated wizard’s mouth, as the dazzling lights erupting from his wrinkled hands filled the room with color and shadow. The young boy watched in wonder as the robed sorcerer in front of him continued to chant, focusing the swirling onslaught of light and energy at the creature seated on the low table that stood between them. Suddenly, the wizard seemed enraged, as beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. The boy immediately turned away and shielded his eyes as a torrent of multicolored light exploded around them. And with one last burst of energy, the wizard shouted a final, arcane verse, before heavily slumping against a nearby wall, exhausted from his efforts. When the boy turned back, his brown eyes still squinting against the quickly fading light, he stared at the creature on the table. “Speak!” The wizard commanded the small beast, as he pushed himself off the wall and leaned forward. “Speak!” As both the young boy and wizard continued to gaze at the chubby, irritated squirrel, the fluffy animal could not have looked more agitated or unimpressed. “No!” The little squirrel spat back. “No! No! No!” The young boy hesitantly looked up at the exasperated wizard. “Why?” The wizard asked angrily. “Why is ‘no’ the only word she says?” “I’m not sure,” the boy responded, “but at least she’s comfortable saying it.” “No!” The chubby squirrel repeated, glaring up at the frustrated sorcerer. “Oh, be quiet!” The wizard responded, taking a deep breath.’

And that curtain raiser reveals the following unique tale – ‘Wizards. Magic. Squirrels? Bax is the young apprentice of a very ill-tempered sorcerer. Together, they make up the obscure field of wizardry known as Babble Magic--a branch that focuses on trying to make animals speak. So far, they have had zero success. But after years of grueling work, a moody squirrel finally begins to utter a single word. Is this irritable squirrel the breakthrough that Bax and his mentor have been waiting for? With the annual wizard convention just around the corner, they want to make sure to have something--anything--to report. And with other magical branches like Dream Magic, Shadow Magic, and Fairy Magic as their competition, a lot is riding on this grouchy woodland creature! Babble Magic is an exciting fantasy adventure full of deadly combat, media-savvy sorceresses, blind ambition, and a whole world bursting with supernatural danger!’

A concept with class written with eloquent prose, this is a book that will satisfy any lover of myth and fantasy and imagination. Miguel Lopez de Leon has become a favorite fantasy author worth following! Grady Harp, July 18

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