Friday, July 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Ashes To Ashes' by Lawrence Kelter

Popular New York author Lawrence Kelter has published over twelve mystery thrillers that always manage to find their way to the top of readers’ favorites. Though we all know Lawrence’s polished writing of crime dramas, in this book – ASHES TO ASHES - he enters a sphere every fine author envies: the ability to marry suspense, courtroom drama and satire!

For many readers Lawrence Kelter remains one of the finest thriller authors writing today – his books are many and this series, the City Beat Thriller with its star protagonist Stephanie Chalice (SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET, WE ALL FALL DOWN, and now ASHES TO ASHES) he continues to remain fresh and vigorous in his inimitable style.

And with that promise he offers a synopsis of ASHES TO ASHES – ‘“He didn’t do it.” When Adele Clarke came to plead her son’s case everyone turned a deaf ear, everyone except Chalice. She’d heard it all before and still she listened. A mother’s desperate plea—her innocent son serving time—a case no one would dare talk about. There was something in her account that didn’t make sense, something Chalice couldn’t let go of—and yet, eight women and children were dead, gunned down in one of the worst mass killings the city had ever seen. Not far from the scene of the murders two crime families are still licking their wounds in the aftermath of the botched LaGuardia Heist, and an embroiled police commissioner will do anything to avoid disgrace. With reasonable doubt now established in Chalice’s mind, she fights to reopen this toxic file, and painstakingly labors to recreate the chilling sequence of events leading to the identity of the true cold-blooded killers.’

Exceptional attention to detail – much like a painter or sculptor creating art – Kelter makes this episode in the life of Stephanie Chalice as lively and solid as the original. Really a fine novel – with hopefully more coming down the pike. Grady Harp, June 18

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