Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Air Force Hero: A Military Secret Baby Novel' by Weston Parker

Author Weston Parker has gathered much of his experiences he generously shares in his Bad Boy books as a firefighter/EMS man. He now travels and writes, at times with his sister Ali Parker, and at times alone, and his books are all the rage with the Chick Lit audience who undoubtedly love the manner in which a man creates the hot steamy erotica that women usually write for this audience. Weston keeps it real with people with whom we can identify readily and he writes with such powerful eroticism that his novel steam from cover to cover.

Weston opens his book with a flavor that is the seed of the story – ‘There wasn’t a woman waiting at home for me, nor was there likely to ever be. Attachments only made my job harder. Love complicated things; it made it harder to take risks in the air, and that was my calling. The only people back home were my mom and dad, and my dad had been a military man as well. I grew up on military bases, and my parents knew the cost of this life. They were used to it. We both got dressed in jeans and T-shirts as the night started to cool off. After slicking my hair back and shaving, we were ready to head out into town with the rest of the men and women who had the weekend off. Everyone met at the gates and waited for the transport to arrive to take us into San Antonio for the night. As we waited, Grady nudged me in the elbow. “You’ll be my wingman tonight, right? You’ve got a way with the ladies.” “A way with them?” “You know what I mean. They just flock to you. It’s weird.” “It’s probably just my devilish good looks and southern charm.” Grady arched an eyebrow and peered down at me. “Or the humbleness.” I grinned. “Damn straight.”

The synopsis he writes outlines the solid plot – ‘There’s only been one woman for me, and she’s never truly been mine. But I don’t have much time for anyone anyway, with my focus on my career. I’m a military man through and through, from generation to generation. This one girl, though. She stole my heart when we were kids, but it’s taboo, forbidden. She’s my best friend’s little sister, and he’d kill us both. After my mom recently lost my dad, a quick trip home to help her brings me face to face with the past. It was just one wild night years ago, but I can’t shake it. She left before the break of dawn, going back to the sea, and I took my place up in the air once again. But she’s never left my mind. Her soft curves and sweet heart haunted me. And now that we’re back in the same small town for two weeks, I find out she’s in a bad relationship and hiding a secret from me. A four-year-old little man with my smile and her eyes. My dream was to stay in the Air Force until retirement, but that dream has changed. So have I. Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~Weston.’

Another steamy erotic piece that works on every level. Grady Harp, July 18

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