Wednesday, June 13, 2018

'The Political Insider': Can a third-party candidate win in 2018? Libertarian Murray Sabrin thinks so.

Third-party candidates usually fail in American elections -- not just falling short of victory, but coming in dead last. One candidate for U.S. Senate believes he can buck the trend, though. Libertarian Murray Sabrin, a longtime finance professor and public intellectual, has his sights set on incumbent New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez's seat. While the race is unexpectedly close between the scandal-plagued officeholder and his Republican businessman opponent, Sabrin sees an opportunity to engage disaffected voters who feel uncomfortable with both major parties' nominees. How might Sabrin pull off a seemingly-impossible feat? He talks third-party strategy on this special -- and inaugural -- episode of 'The Political Insider.' Sabrin's campaign website: SEE more interviews HERE: http://www.sanfranciscoreviewofbooks....

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