Friday, June 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Wyoming Bold' by Diana Palmer


Wyoming Bold is a typical Diana Palmer story where there are no steamy scenes, but a whole lot of attraction between two strong characters and the added drama of a bad guy who’s trying to end it all. There is a unique twist of Merissa having visions that warn of the danger coming.
While I called it typical, that’s what I want when I pick up a Diana Palmer story, I want a comfort read, something familiar that no matter the story I can still enjoy the feeling of falling in love in a charged atmosphere. My biggest complaint was the way things that your average reader knows from every day life were explained, basic things that I felt were extra and weren’t needed to further the story.
Dalton and Merissa are perfect for each other and fall in love in this situation that is charged with so much danger and emotion that only by believing in the power of love and their determination that no matter what they’ll work on their relationship is their love for each other believable. They are two characters I can see working together far into the future to make sure that their love comes first and are willing to fight for it.
It’s nice to read about an old fashioned couple and story that’s not fueled by sex to keep the story going. I think that’s why I recommend this and other Diana Palmer stories, because it’s nice to step back to a time where the characters and the sexual tension drives the story and not the sex.

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