Monday, June 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Strength of the Omega' by H.L. Holston

Sara York lives in the southern United States and is a highly respected creative writer – one who can ‘shift’ from her popular paranormal romances of shifters as well as gay cowboy romances and who knows where else. She penned a very popular series – the Colorado Heart Series – that totaled seven books, each book is stand alone, but the characters migrate through the series so that reading the entire group is the way to go. She has shared Texas romances lately and now she invites H.L. Holston, who offers no biographical information, to join her in a series of shifter romances THE MONTAIN WOLVES of which this is Book 2. It may be a very familiar theme – wolf shifters - but together York and Holston take it to a different level.

Sara and HL have created characters that are wholly credible, making us identify with their needs and fears form the start of the novel – ‘Jamie Matthews bounced on the balls of his feet, waiting for his mate’s plane to land. He had no doubt Max would be [upset]. They’d talked about buying a house but had decided to wait. Then Jamie had gone and fallen in love with a ranch-style home in Lyons, Colorado. The place had been the right price since the house was foreclosed on, and he couldn’t pass it up. Ever since Jamie had left the Army nearly three months ago, he’d wanted a home for his Alpha and himself. But Max had been deployed overseas on his last tour, leaving Jamie to forge ahead alone. It had taken Jamie ten days to find the house and then twenty-two days to close. He’d had fifty-two days to work on it, making the place livable for his mate. If Max really hated the home, they could sell and find something new. While he should have talked to Max first, Jamie had felt a kinship with this house the minute he’d seen it…. Twenty minutes later, Max texted him, stating he was close. Jamie watched the doors to the secured area as anticipation built. His heart was beating so hard he thought he would burst. Then he saw Max, and his legs felt like they would fold underneath him. Somehow, he stayed upright and moved toward his man. Excitement filled him so full he was practically vibrating with happiness. He studied Max’s face while his Omega reached out, reconnecting. Max closed the distance, and relief filled Jamie. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed Max. Being this close, touching his man, it was like a puzzle piece had been put back into place, completing him. He wasn’t sure how long passed before he leaned back, searching his Alpha’s eyes. “I missed you,” Max said. “Desperately,” Jamie replied. “Every day with you is a gift.”

The plot is brief - ‘For most of his adult life Jamie Matthews was an Alpha. But when his Army unit was captured by the Amity Brethren and he was experimented on, he became an Omega. After struggling to find his way, Jamie is finally happy with his mate, Max Gaines and back home in Lyons, Colorado. However, the Amity Brethren isn’t done with Jamie and everyone and everything is suspect when the enemy sets its sights on Jamie’s unborn baby.’

Sara and HL understand gay life and the inherent conflicts in M/M shifter romances. They keep their stories strong while inserting enough erotica to please the connoisseurs. Grady Harp, May 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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