Thursday, May 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Stellar' by Kevin Hollingsworth

‘Her beauty was timeless, and forever could not forget her.’

California poet Kevin Hollingsworth was educated in Los Angeles and began writing poetry for publication in 2009. His debut was the respected WONDERS followed by ROMANCE WITH A TOUCH OF LOVE and now he presents his third volume of prose poetry STELLAR. Having followed Kevin’s writing career it is with pleasure to recommend this very sensitive, humanistic collection of thoughts and dreams by a man who obviously shares in making the world a better place.

Kevin’s style is placing prose in poetic format so that intimate conversations with the reader become sheer poetry. He adds art to his pages that enhance meaning. As with discussions of the works of all poets it is better to let the poems speak for themselves. The following are but a few examples from his generous collection.

Blessing in Disguise

As he fainted, he saw her from the corner of his eye.
She was as pretty as the French language.
Her song was like a dream he once knew.
Her love was not an evil deed, but a blessing in disguise.
He had nothing in this life.
Her blessing in disguise was all he wanted.
She gently told him the truth,
which he could not bear;
that her love was promised to another.
As he fainted, he saw her from the corner of his eye.
She was as pretty as the French language.
Her song was like a dream he once knew.


Stella was beauty that they could not understand.
Her beauty was surrounded by smiles that admired her.
Elegance commented that she looked too good.
Attraction realized her magnetism as she glided up the stairs.
Her buttocks were kindly painted by artists with so many talents.
Nature nurtured Stella’s body, and her body pleased Nature’s eyes
every time she looked her way.
Sensuality had to make Stella part of the conversation as her
future was promising.
She was more than robust.
She was more than magnificent.
Her trademark was stellar, and so was her beauty.


I could see his wonderful smile through the breeze.
His grace was untouchable, and his heart was yours.
He felt like the light of the world.
The sun and the stars admired his shine. I
admired the sun and the stars, but I admired Raj's shine even more.
He was here for a short time, but he dazzled us with his warm heart.
His generosity made love to the world. We thank you, Raj, for your kindness.
He is gone, but his charm is not.
He is gone, but his heart is not.
Raj is gone, but his kindness will be with us until our dreams can
no longer dream.

Gentle, simple, and touching. These lovely thoughts play mendicant for our times when we most need beauty. Grady Harp, May 18

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