Sunday, June 10, 2018

Book Review: 'SHORT STORIES II' by Rich DiSilvio

New York author Rich DiSilvio, a man as committed to music, art, philosophy and sociology as informed by the fine arts, has previously takes periods of history with all of the fascinating changes, discoveries, triumphs and failures and by introducing some fictional enhancements within the stage setting of this era makes it far more credible. And in DiSilvio's handling of the parallel or concurrent unraveling of historical events with those of the textbook rigidity of his main Titans books he provided not only keen insight but also pauses for the inclusion of the arts, so often ignored by other historical writers. Yet his talents don’t pause there – his other books include MY NAZI NEMESIS, BLAZING THE GILDED AGE, LISZT’S DANTE SYMPHONY, MEET MY FAMOUS FRIENDS: INSPIRING KIDS WITH HUMOR, THE WINDS OF TIME, HATRED AND INTEGRITY, and his short story series of which this is Book 2. Of particular interest to Rich’s large audience of readers is that as a software designer/developer, Rich pioneered the first interactive CD-ROM for educating staff and parents about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) for training individuals with autism.

To offer an idea of how varied Rich’s select is, the titles in this collection are as follows: The Phantom Forger, The Russian Link, A Courtroom Calamity, Trapped, Object Lesson, FBI: Charles Bonaparte, Augustus: The Philosophy of Rule, Marconi: Radio & Wireless, and Roosevelt & Churchill: Saviors of Western Civilization.

The offered synopsis shares the scope well - ‘SHORT STORIES II by Rich DiSilvio features a rich collection of mysteries, thrillers and historical works from multi-award-winning author Rich DiSilvio’s past and present. Also included are three short narratives from his acclaimed Tales of Titans series. Included in this volume are two tales featuring PI Armand Arnolfini as he investigates intriguing art-related crimes, a thrilling tale about John Vagis that will terrify and shock you, a moving and educational tale of two airmen during the Korean War, and others. For those not acquainted with DiSilvio’s larger works, this edition makes a fine introduction to the mysterious, historical, and thrilling mind of the author.

Impressive as his credentials are there is no comparison to becoming immersed in his brilliant stories – tales that transport s into other worlds – whether in timeframe or terror. Rich is a gifted artist on many levels and his talent continues to grow. Grady Harp, June 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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