Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Sex After Death' by Alice Gaines


Have you ever wondered what secrets antiques would tell if they could speak?
I liked Katy the instant I met her. It isn’t easy to include a great deal of character development in short stories, but I was impressed by how much I learned about her as a result of her impulsive decision to buy the strange, little statue. Her curiosity and perseverance show up almost immediately, and it was really interesting to see how these traits carried her through to the final scene.
The twist at the end solidified my decision to give this piece a 5 star rating. As pleased as I was with the steamy, playful sex scenes, it is Katy’s decision to attempt to lift the curse that makes Sex After Death such a great read. Figuring out what she needs to try next propels the plot forward and gives Katy good reasons to continue working with the statue. While I have no idea what her plans may be, this would make a great series if Ms. Gaines ever decides to revisit this world. If nothing else, I’d love to see the sizzling chemistry between the main characters once again.
What surprised me the most about this tale was how often it made me laugh. The author introduces Katy to such unexpected situations that her reactions to them are as humorous as they are well-suited for the tone of this piece. Sometimes arousal and laughter go well together. This is one of them.
Sex After Death is one of the best short stories I’ve read in 2013. I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who loves quirky, funny erotica.

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