Thursday, May 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Second Chance Love' by Romeo Alexander

Romeo Alexander may be new to the writing scene but his first series of books – OPPOSITES ATTRACT –demonstrated that not only does he have a talent for writing romance but also the gift for exploring opposites in people’s lives and stations in life and how exploration of apparent disparities can actually be a source for bonding. Now he has published seven fine novels and this SECOND CHANCE LOVE is Book 1 of his new series he calls LOST AND FOUND.

Romeo builds characters well: we believe in them from the start and that credibility is only enhanced as the story flows. He begins this story with terrific atmosphere, a true scene painter - ‘A cold wind blew the scent of salty brine in from the bay and Lars turned to look out over the fog laden harbor. Visibility was murky, and he could just barely make out the flashing light from the lighthouse on the harbor point. Boothbay Harbor, Maine in early April was ominous at best and treacherous at worst. The cool air hitting the milder temperature of the water was the cause of the dense blanket of fog, but the drastic clashing of temperatures was sure to be a sign of an impending mid-spring snowstorm. Lars turned back to the door of his pub, The Drunken Lobster and inserted the old rusty key and unlocked the door. He pushed his way into the pub and switched on the overhead deer and moose antler chandelier lights. The d├ęcor screamed redneck gauche, with tongue and groove pine accented with brass fixtures; but it was the appeal of these aspects of the pub that attracted the tourists. Old Lobster traps hung from the ceiling and photographs of fisherman from the days of old decorated the walls, boasting of the finest catches off of the harbor. Lars had considered redecorating at one point. Perhaps going for something a little more elegant and refined to attract a more refined clientele, but when he had taken over the business, he had promised to leave everything as it was, in order to continue to attract tourists because of its reputation; so he had stayed true to his word and left it as is…. But even despite his reputation as being the owner of the town’s local hot spot, Lars couldn’t help but feeling like the fog was similarly how he lived in his own head; in a fugue. It had been this way for the better part of a decade, but the reason, or rather the someone, behind that detachment was a reason he didn’t like to dwell on.’

The plot may seem familiar but the synopsis promises otherwise – ‘Ten years ago Lars watched the love of his life sail off into the sunset. Heartbroken, he never thought he’d find love again, until now…The sleepy town of Boothbay Harbor, Maine wasn’t much to speak of, but for Lars Pearson it was full of memories. It was here that he met and fell in love with his childhood best friend Tanner Mason. With his wavy chestnut hair and gorgeous hazel eyes, the two lovers were inseparable. That is, until the day that Tanner’s need to see the world left Lars and his duty to family behind. After spending years pining over his lost love, Lars has accepted that he’ll never have a romance quite like that one again. He now spends his days focused on running his family pub and finding entertainment in the colorful locals and their stories. But when a familiar face walks through The Drunken Lobster’s door, Lars finds himself reconsidering everything he thought he knew. A heartfelt romance that will leave you believing in the possibility of happily ever afters.’

We end up charmed by both characters and applauding their happy ending. Romeo Alexander is fulfilling his promise of a fine writing career. Grady Harp, May 18

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