Sunday, June 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Searching for Someday' by Jennifer Probst


That little book with the Love Spell is back! It is a powerful spell … You write down what you want in a man, you follow the steps in the spell and… Yes! You hit the jackpot! Right?
The main theme running in this book is (besides a HOT romance story) the power of believing in you. Life is meant to be lived honestly and without subterfuge. For those who believe in Fate, the main concern is to recognize the opportunities you are given in life and to seize the day. We sometimes are so wrapped up with the minor aggravations of life that we fail to recognize what is right in front of our eyes. This is how happiness comes knocking and we must be smart enough to recognize it,
Jennifer Probst is the mistress of romance. Her writing style and characters involve us with the magic of romance and our dreams and visions take off in an orgy of fantasies. This story is both romantic and amusing. Even though we are dealing with magic gifts and spells, somehow she makes a believer out of her readers.
Get ready for a new journey in this series with the women that own Kinnections, a matchmaker service. I am still trying to find out their address so I can try them!! Enjoy reading this gem!

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