Monday, June 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Runaway Groom' by Virginia Nelson


I went in to this story expecting to hate Braxton Dean, after all he did leave his best friend at the altar, and I didn’t think he could be redeemed. Ms. Nelson does an excellent job of giving an insight into Braxton that goes a long way to redeeming him in my eyes.
I enjoyed reading the letters that he wrote to Abigail, they honestly added a delicious depth to this story that had me shushing those around me when they interrupted me while I was reading. To say I couldn’t get enough of this book is an understatement, I ran the gauntlet of emotions with these characters, and easily understood both sides and the pain that was there and I think it was a marvelous touch that it wasn’t just forgotten because he was back in time.
Abigail loves Braxton as much as Braxton loves Abigail and that isn’t ever really a question. The big issue is, do they love deeply enough to forgive and find their way back together. They have a lot of history and I enjoyed reading a story where the two main characters have so much history and are truly best friends. Ms. Nelson does a great job of adding in that small town feel with the meddling of the town in their love affair.
I really enjoyed this story, and will be singing its praises to my friends. It has the sweet feel of a small town romance, and also a story of best friends loving each other and learning to trust and forgive. I definitely look forward to more of this series from Ms. Nelson.

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