Monday, June 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Rumors Among the Heather' by Amanda Balfour


Dramatic settings completely overshadowed by even more dramatic people characterize this gripping historical romance slash action novel. Baron Bonnliegh, Matthew, marches through the city streets and laughs easily into the face of danger. He’s more than equal to any threat, or so it seems.
Our heroine is no shrinking violet either. Juliana proves her courage just in setting off into a whole new life, when her own life drastically changes, rather beyond her control. She sets off to make the most of her one opportunity – and predictably, bumps straight into this incredibly confident Baron. There is a moment there that we see coming. ‘Ah ha – another predictable tale,’ we wonder..for barely the space of a sentence, for few things go as we might foresee.
Like so many a governess, Julianna becomes admirably fond of her charge, wicked Scottish Island home notwithstanding. Her attraction to Matthew is also undeniable – yet his own circumstances might suddenly be a little ‘beyond his control.’ Even more surprising is who he chooses to blame. Warnings come to him – veiled perhaps (like, ‘Your luck is bound to change!’ while gambling) but he never worries.
Matthew is a man of action as well as conviction. He might be a tiny a bit lacking in sympathy (we readers won’t feel frustrated with his leap to a certain conclusion only once…) but he is a towering figure and you will lose your heart to him immediately. Julianna is equally likable, just for her attitude.
I originally assigned this brilliant and fast paced read a 5. Great, gripping, fast… and I forget to write the review. 2 weeks later I find I still have recall of the story – of the characters especially – and don’t mind picking it up for a second look at all! That rates somewhere higher than a 5, I am sure – Do put this on your reading list.

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