Thursday, June 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Restless Spirit' by Sommer Marsden


Sometimes there’s a thin line between what makes an an erotic romanceversus what is erotica, and Restless Spirit falls somewhere in both categories.
It’s a very sexy read, with a woman beginning to find her own way after leaving an abusive relationship, and finding not one but three very different men who want her.
The sex is frequent, and although it’s well written sometimes it seemed to be added to a scene just for the sake of having it there. I thought the dialogue and description were great but somehow because of Tuesday’s frequent need to have sex with whichever man was in the scene, it never allowed me to know her as a person and connect with her which I would have liked to have done as I progressed throughout the story.
Like an erotic romance, it does have a happy ending. Depending on what you like, and if your preference leans toward a romance with lots of sex, this might be one for you.

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