Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Rebirth: Scrolls of Eternity Book One' by J. Morgan


Anubis and Horus are sure that Patrick can be a hero. Unfortunately, Patrick doesn’t share their confidence.
I immediately sympathized with Patrick. He’s a typical kid trying to survive adolescence and all its awkward glory. Before being endowed with superpowers, his biggest concerns were keeping his best friend, Galen, out of trouble, and trying to get Rose to notice him. As I watched Patrick stumble through his life, it was easy for me to remember that time in my life. While not everyone will share Patrick’s obsession for all things science fiction, I imagine other readers, young and old, will be able to relate to Patrick’s struggle feel comfortable in his own skin.
Unfortunately, Patrick’s life becomes much more complicated when he’s chosen to be a superhero. His childhood is brought to an abrupt end as he finds himself facing Sutekh, who has had years to formulate his plan to take over the world. Patrick only has days to learn how to use his new powers. The physical and mental exhaustion from training with Anubis as well as the strain of keeping secrets from his family give a realistic feel to the fantastic events of the tale. Consequently, I was able to fully immerse myself in this thoroughly enjoyable story.
I do wish some of the other characters had been a bit more developed. Patrick’s life is full of eccentric friends and family that have a lot of potential, especially his best friend Galen. I have a feeling Mr. Morgan has only scratched the surface where that particular character is concerned. I hope to learn more about Galen and the other secondary characters in the future.
Rebirth has a very satisfying conclusion, but Mr. Morgan leaves the door open for other adventures. I enjoyed reading about Patrick and his first exploit so much that I’m already wondering what Patrick will face next. Will his next challenge be other Egyptian gods, creatures from other mythologies, or something else entirely?
Reading Rebirth was a pleasure. It is a fun, fast paced tale sure to delight readers who enjoy superheroes and the classic struggle of good versus evil. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment in this exciting series.

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