Saturday, June 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Purr-fect Love' by Heather M. Sharpe


Anyone might open her home to a stray cat, right? But extending that same courtesy to a stray (naked!) man? That might give any woman pause. Luckily for readers of Purr-fect Love, when Mahri Lassler is faced with that question, she never hesitates, and that generosity makes for a charming romance in Heather M. Sharpe’s enjoyable novella.
After a bad breakup, Mahri is looking for a little feline companionship in the local animal shelter, when a black cat grabs her hand and her heart. Smitten, she takes him home only to find he’s a much more challenging companion than she could have imagined. Mahri is an easy character to like. She’s emotionally wounded, but her kindness toward Morgan shows she hasn’t given up on life or men, despite her ex-fiancĂ©’s betrayal. I must admit I found her generosity a little naive at times—it’s one thing to open your home to a down-on-his-luck stranger, but to let him live with you and not even balk when he wants to watch you get out of the shower? That goes a little beyond generosity in my book, but overall, it worked for the story and the situation.
Morgan Felix, the shifter at the heart of the story, is also an easy character to like. When he chooses his clan over his Scottish lover, she curses him to a feline existence for eleven months of the year, which he seems to accept with a fair amount of serenity (or perhaps after a thousand years of it, he’s just learned to cope). His determination to protect Mahri from his crazy life, as well as from anyone who might threaten her, is commendable and makes him a satisfying hero to read about. Their romance develops quickly, but it is never less than involving and believable.
If I found the writing a touch clunky at times and thought that, in such a short novella, the focus could have been a little tighter, it never took away from my enjoyment of this sweet story. I would especially recommend it for any cat lovers who like their stories with an element of the paranormal.

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