Friday, June 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Prince of Shadows' by Tes Hilaire


Valin and Gabriella (Gabby) have a way of teetering on the line of good and evil more than any two people I have ever read about. Their ability to balance right there is also what makes them such good warriors against the cause of good and evil.
Valin has already suffered the loss of a paired mate and child, so the idea of losing another is just something he cannot even fathom. That is why when he meets Gabby he vows to do whatever it takes to keep her alive and by his side. However, will this need to protect Gabby save his soul or lead to his demise?
Gabby is a woman after my own heart. She has suffered a lot of tragedy in her life, which has not destroyed her but instead created a determined woman who can take on the best of them. Unfortunately, it has also created a need for revenge in her that can cloud her judgment at times. She learned a long time ago to rely on no one but herself. I have suffered from the consequences of not trusting or allowing those around me to assist even when I needed it so I can truly understand Gabby.
This story is based around the ultimate battle of good versus evil so Lucifer and God are the commanders sending out their armies to protect their interests. While this is a factor in the story the author does not bog it down with too many religious concepts so no matter one’s religion you should find this story entertaining. The conflict also really adds depths and intrigue into the development of Gabby and Valin’s relationship.
This is a story that I enjoyed and would continue to read the stories in this series. Even though I have not read the previous stories I was easily able to pick up and follow the story line, and no I would enjoy the subsequent stories in this series just as much as I enjoyed Prince of Shadows.

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