Friday, June 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Once a SEAL' by Anne Elizabeth


Sometimes the happily ever after doesn’t come the way you expect, but it’s exactly what you need.
Anne Elizabeth writes a crisp story of two people muddling through married life. This book starts with the wedding. There isn’t the getting-to-know-you lead up like in many books and I found this refreshing. This might not appeal to readers who want a long courtship. But don’t let that keep you from enjoying this book.
Aria and Dan are typical people. They have their ups and downs and Ms Elizabeth shows them with startling realism. I rather liked that these people weren’t perfect. That said, there are moments where I wished she’d have been a tad stronger as a heroine. I wanted to see her handle the issues of being the wife of a SEAL with a little more strength, but I could relate to her feeling thrown off the deep end. Dan is very much a SEAL (I know, you wouldn’t expect less). He’s focused and alpha. I wished I could’ve seen more of him outside of his job, but sometimes a man is married to his work.
This book is on the sweeter end of steamy. That’s fine. I liked the change in pace. Not everyone has sweeping, crazy hot sex. I connected with the characters and am looking forward to more from Ms Elizabeth.

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