Monday, June 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Muscle' by Lexi Whitlow

Southern author Lexi Whitlow has divided her time between Virginia and North Carolina and earned her degree in English literature. Now she writes novels whose main subjects are bad boys - fighters, tough-as-nails cowboys, bikers, and criminals - and she has published seven novels of this genre to date.

Lexi jumps into the erotic almost immediately – ‘Years of repressed need light within me, centering on this one man. “What the heck,” I murmur as he pulls me in to him, his body pressed against mine. I can feel every sinewy muscle on his body, every ounce of his strength. I think of how he moved today, like a trained actor, like a gymnast. His confidence and athleticism showed, and I liked it—more than I’ve liked anything in a long time. That fiery feeling—it feels like waking up after years and years of sleep. Suddenly, more than anything, I want this man. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never slept with anyone on the job, and I’ve never (had sex] with someone I’ve just met. But I’m young. It pays to be reckless every once in a while. If he’s going back to Afghanistan in a matter of days, no one needs to know about this. That’s my excuse. Daddy won’t know. Ella can only guess. And there won’t be a shred of evidence.

The plot – ‘There's only one girl in this town that's off limits, and I just crossed the line. I was a SEAL. Now I'm a star. The hottest director in Hollywood wants me. All I want is his daughter. Hourglass figure. Legs that don't quit. She'll take my commands, then I'll take her to bed. Too bad her daddy hates me, because Winter's pregnant. If the tabloids get hold of this, I'm done. If her daddy finds out, I'm dead. But Winter's mine. And SEALS don't quit. [Forget] the fame and fortune. I'm about to show my muscle, and this display ain't for the cameras. Can I convince Winter's dad I'm all she needs... or will this be our last take?’

Lots of naughty words and erotic steam and just when you think the story is over, Lexi adds some deleted scenes from this book and a bonus in an excerpt from her book – KING SIZE. Both are short and make for a quick and stimulating evening’s read. Grady Harp, May 18

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