Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Mated Forever' by Michaela Rhua


How do you know when you’ve met your soulmate?
Even though their relationship moves quickly, Jorie and Lou have great chemistry. Each step they take closer to one another felt like a natural progression to me. More than once I wished that I could continue following their lives as both women are fascinating individuals.
While their sex scene was quite well written and erotic, as I was reading it I thought it should have happened later on in the plot due to some things the reader learns about one of the character’s pasts. After finishing the whole thing I came to understand why the author made this decision, though, and I now agree that it was ultimately the best choice for character and plot development.
Unfortunately, there are multiple run-on sentences and grammatical errors in this tale. In most cases I was easily able to decipher what the author intended to say, but once or twice the absence of a word or punctuation mark muddled or completely changed the meaning of certain sentences. If not for these issues, this story would have earned a much higher rating.
The world building is fairly complex for something this length. I finished it wishing I could know more about the social and political structures in their packs as what I learned about the way their society is set up was sometimes unexpected. A subplot involving something from one of the character’s pasts also added depth to the current conflicts, and while I figured out what was happening with it early on I really enjoyed seeing how everything unfolds.
I’d recommend Mated Forever to anyone who loves shape-shifting stories. It’s a great example of this sub genre, and I will be mentioning this book to everyone I know who is a fan of it.

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