Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Marine with Benefits' by Heather Long


Sometimes a childhood dream can come true and make a woman, and a marine, very happy indeed!
Marine with Benefits is a One Night Stand story, part of a series of standalone reads that I’ve enjoyed in the past so it was with great delight I started on the story of Derek and Kara. Kara had always had a thing for Derek while she was growing up, Derek has also always had a thing for Kara, but unfortunately she was off limits to him, thanks to his best mate, her brother, Keith. Derek knows this for sure and has suffered a couple of broken noses when he’s dipped his toe in the I-like-your-sister pond in the past, courtesy of Keith.
But times have changed, Keith has lost his life in service and Derek has been discharged from the marines. Kara, despite her grief, is certainly no little girl lost anymore and she’s all grown up, independent and the sort of woman who knows what she wants and goes right out there and gets it, and I mean she goes and grabs it by the balls. Go girl!
Which is how she finds herself on a One Night Stand date (where couples have agreed to no-strings sex with a stranger) and sitting opposite the only man she’s ever truly loved, Derek.
Derek is equally shocked to be sitting opposite Kara and once they’ve both overcome the fact that they’d separately gone hunting for a night of wild passion they start to assess their situation – well he spends quite a lot of time assessing her curves in her sexy dress, but I guess marines will be marines!
In true Ms Long style the dialogue is snappy, keeps you turning the pages, and the characters are sassy, likable and sexy. I enjoyed the fast pace this story skipped along at and it certainly perked up my coffee break. If you like a short story that you know is a ‘sure thing’ then Marine with Benefits ticks all the boxes of steamy sex, easy-to-read style and a nice warm glow of satisfaction when you get to the last page. I will continue to hunt out more in this series.

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