Thursday, June 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Laird of Ballanclaire' by Jackie Ivie


What a shock to find a Scottish laird in distress in the American Colonies rather than fighting another clan in Scotland. I immediately wanted to find out how he had gotten himself into such a life-threatening situation. Even more importantly, I wanted to see how Constant Ridgley could possibly help him with all the other responsibilities she had, not to mention the appropriateness of it considering her religious upbringing and the political climate of the pre-revolution Colonies.
Kameron Ballan and Constant Ridgley are strong characters. They give the reader a vicarious experience that sends the adrenaline racing, stirs compassion, and takes the breath away with the “giving” love Constant offers and the determination Kameron has to find a way to the woman that is more to him than life.
My first inclination was to invite you in for coffee or tea and say let me tell you about this book I’ve just read; then give you a blow by blow account of the dangers, the clandestine activities, the amazing love that wiggles its way into the hearts of two people who could hardly be more different. But that would take some of excitement and anxiety away that is felt as these things are revealed in Laird of Ballanclaire.
Just imagine how it would feel to take your sharpest paring knife and peel tar and feathers off a naked man that had been beaten to a pulp before he had hot tar poured all over him. Constant came to know Kameron as she did this very thing. My goodness, what a specimen of a man she did find!
Kameron knows he owes her his life. Moreover, he finds something stir his very heart and soul as this innocent, young, overworked woman with such low self-esteem does all in her power to save him even to the point of ruining her good name. The fallout from their love for each other, their separation, the reuniting then another forced separation kept me turning pages until late in the night. Also, the ship passage and life in Scotland with all its intrigues they must deal with and how these two determined characters finally get to their happy-ever-after kept me on edge to the very end.
There is a side story of Count Rafael de la Garza Montagna and Princess Althea that is not to be missed. True love, patient and unwavering, finds a way even though the path is long, secret, and dangerous for these two people. This side story has an unique connection to the major love story.
The culture in the American Colonies and in Scotland comes alive as Jackie Ivie takes her characters on their perilous journey. She creates some antagonists that one can really come to abhor. Conversely, she creates other characters that creep right into the heart. Constant’s little brother Henry leaves a lasting impression and the babies Benjamin and Abigail do their part admirably and help propel the plot along at a fever pitch at times. Moreover, Ms. Ivie weaves in passion, romance, and sizzling sexual moments that help the reader know just how deep and caring a love Constant and Kameron have for each other. This author knows how to rev of the heart rate and also how to make the heart ache for the characters as well as make it soar with joy. Laird of Ballanclaire has some unique twists and turns that kept me totally intrigued. Good reading!

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