Friday, June 15, 2018

Book Review: 'If Only' by Cherise Sinclair


Sally was a trainee with the Shadowlands for a long time, and after she left when she thought she’d found her Dom, and then it ended so badly she gave up on the dream of finding her own Dom. Enter FBI agents Vance and Galen, who also happen to be two Doms that love sharing.
As this is the eighth Shadowlands book, Sally, Vance and Galen are all familiar characters and there have been hints that they would be a perfect match. As such I would recommend reading the previous books but Ms. Sinclair does a good job of setting up the story that has enough information to be read and enjoyed alone.
There is a lot of suspense with the investigation of a human trafficking organization and Sally’s part in it. Throw in Galen and Vance trying to draw out of her emotional shell and help her heal and there is a lot of great plot in this story. To top it off Ms. Sinclair can write a hot sex scene that enhances the story, and I found myself very much enjoying every part of this story. She includes some sexual themes that pushed my comfort soon but with the way that Ms. Sinclair wrote them I found them very hot.
This is a ménage storyline, but Vance and Galen aren’t involved sexually and I found the way that they handled the relationship very believable. They fought, they had misunderstandings, and they made up like any couple would, they just had the extra component of there being three of them.

I enjoyed catching up with past characters and even spending some time with past characters privately too. I highly recommend this story for fans of both romantic suspense and BDSM romance. I also recommend the whole Shadowlands series.

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