Saturday, June 9, 2018

Book Review: 'The Grisly Grizzlies' by Kim Fox

Canadian author Kim Fox is a paranormal romance writer who loves bear shifters and the tough, curvy women that can handle them. The subsection of paranormal romance stories requires a special gift and Kim has that. For those new to the genre, shape shifters are human forms that can change into the form of an animal (or vice versa, depending on your stance!). Kim focuses on bears as the shapeshift form of choice. Her series of books -THE CLAWED SQUAD – contained five books. She now opens a new series that she calls THE SHIFTERS OF WILDE RANCH contained four novels. Now she opens her THE GIZZLY BEAR SHIFTERS OF REDEMPTION CREEK of which this is book 2 - CALEB.

We know the location and so it is just a matter of introducing the new elements of her new role of characters. In a well composed first page Kim offers significant information about what was and what is to come – ‘Two hundred and ninety-nine. Three hundred.” I jump up and shake my arms out after my three hundred push-ups, smiling to myself as I look down at my jacked arms and chest. If this doesn’t get her going, I don’t know what will. Actually, I have no idea what will get her going. I’ve tried everything from love notes to my guitar to begging. Nothing has worked with this girl. But I won’t give up. Not with her. “You got this, Caleb,” I mutter to myself as I walk out from behind the huge cedar tree and step back onto the path that leads down to the lake. “Let’s go do some serious wooing.” Two girls are walking toward me in the opposite direction and I smile as I pass them. They both turn red, smiling goofy smiles as I walk by. Last month, I probably would have chatted them up, invited them to my show tonight, but ever since Abigail came into town, I haven’t been interested in any other girls. I can hear them whispering and giggling behind me as I continue down to the lake. It’s a short walk through the forest and as I follow the path around the bend, the gorgeous lake comes into view. It’s a big lake with a nice sandy beach, and the tourists love it. The water is fresh and clean, and there’s a tall rocky cliff on the other side that emerges out of the lake like a sea monster. The young shifters of the town sometimes scale the high cliff and then jump down into the water, freaking out the tourists on the beach. The beach gets packed with families and visitors on sunny summer days, but it’s cloudy and cold today so there’s hardly anyone here. Perfect weather for chatting up the hot lifeguard. My heart starts beating a little faster when I see her sitting in the tall chair. Abigail is stunning. Straight black hair with a sexy shine, eyes a mesmerizing shade of green you would only find in a secluded rainforest lagoon, a smile that will leave you so breathless you’ll be begging for CPR, and a body that will make you want to dive right in.’

Kim’s synopsis outlines where we are headed: ‘The new lifeguard in town has a body that is making Caleb want to dive right in, and although he is definitely trying, he's swimming in circles and getting nowhere. This hot bear shifter has never met a girl he can't have until now. Abigail is too preoccupied to focus on dating. She's new in town and busy hiding her younger brother who has a pesky habit of turning into a wild uncontrollable lion. As interesting as the hot muscular guy who keeps hitting on her may be, she can't get into a relationship and risk exposing her brother's secret. But when Abigail's brother gets her evicted from their home, they have only one place they can go, and they'll all have to find out if lions can play nice with grizzly bears.’

Just when you think you’ve heard all the shifter romance angles, out comes Kim with a fine new one. This is a new series that deserves following. Grady Harp, June 18

This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited.

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