Sunday, June 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Getting It Right' by Zenobia Renquist


Close to dying, Haruto is in dire need of a potential to ensure his survival. A curse put in place by the ancient elders that require his kind find a potential human mate who could break the curse. In the process of transporting to his world Haruto discovers he is low on power. In order to save his energy he has to exit the transporting void, in doing so he lands on Janine’s coffee table.
The author created a wonderful story here that had me drawn into this make believe world where purple men with wings and powers could actually appear out of thin air. I enjoyed this novella, and I personally think the plot is creative and very entertaining. The author did a great job with the paranormal concept, making it vivid and believable.
I enjoyed the chemistry between Haruto and Janinie, so much so when they were apart I was sad. And I can’t forget to mention the lava hot bedroom scenes, for added thrills some scenes weren’t even in the bedroom. Haruto did things to Janine’s body that had me reading with one hand covering one of my eyes. The author gave such vivid descriptions I felt ashamed like I was invading their privacy. Together they created such a bond that when apart no toy nor another could give them the sexual satisfaction or fulfill their personal desires.
Haruto and Janine may have met under a weird circumstance, did their bonding thing to replenish Haruto’s energy to get back to his world, and yes they called themselves going their separate ways. I found myself chuckling at how it wasn’t so simple and the ancient elders probably chuckled as well, since they are the ones that cast the spell that incites a sexual frenzy leading to madness if the mates deny the bond. I enjoyed the relationship between Janine and Haruto. My heart smiled that people from two different worlds could met and have their life as they know it changed to something they couldn’t even imagine. Is it because of the spell or love?
Not only is Getting It Right filled with realistic characters, it’s a quick paranormal read, but also so much more…a great sexy hot romance that definitely will not disappoint.

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