Friday, June 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Dragon Ugly' by Selena Illyria


A dragon and a wolf walk into a bar… sounds like the start to a great paranormal joke but it’s a great plot for this book. I loved the idea of a town for paranormals where they can be safe to be who they really are.
I loved Brent, the dragon shifter. He’s compassionate, sexy and ready and willing to do anything for his mate, even wait to mate her, even if waiting is killing him.
Carissa is a wolf shifter, who is definitely a lone wolf when it comes to her life. All she has time for her is her shop, Scentify, and building it up. So watching her be thrown off track by her instant attraction to Brent was highly entertaining.
Brent and Carissa are meant for each other and the chemistry is off the charts. Brent brings out all the crazy repressed sexual feelings that Carissa has been hiding for so long. There is even a scene with one of Brent’s friends that is very sexy and worked for the story.
I definitely recommend this story for fans of unique shifter stories that are definitely on high end of the sex-o-meter.

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