Sunday, June 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Desire' by Mia Ford

Author Mia Ford lets us know she is a contemporary romance writer who loves strong, gorgeous, Greek God like alpha men who love protecting their sassy and sexy women. Seeing how many books she has published in the past year it is evident that she is a favorite of the Chick Lit audience.

This novel takes a bit of a twist – hunky guy pining away for a worthy woman who happens to be his wife despite family disputes bilaterally. Mia lets Flora speak first – ‘I had finally made it. It had taken me years of preparation, hard work, and a strict regimen of saving my funds and ensuring I had exactly what it took to be accepted. Still, I was already under a mountain of student loans and every time I spoke to them, my parents reminded me that they believed this was a stupid endeavor. Yet, it didn’t matter. I had done exactly what I had told everyone I was going to do, and I hadn’t given a damn what anyone said. I had successfully ignored the doubt and the expectation of failure that loomed in the one-horse, honky-tonk town where I grew up, like a thick summer haze. It had seemed that everyone who lived by my parents either had failed in their life, or were well on their way to failure, before they even had a chance. It was expected. Those who left, were back within a year and those that decided to stay “for one more year,” ended up being buried in the family plot without that elusive year ever being up. For decades, people had made the excuse that they were almost ready, that they were going to follow their dreams and leave this town. Some aspired to goals that were similar to mine. Some, simply wished to get out of the town and didn’t care where they ended up, so long as it wasn’t down the street from their momma and daddy. However, I had a plan. From an early age, I knew that no matter what, I was going to make it work and now, I had made it to college. I was living in a dorm, in a whole other state, able to pursue my life the way I wanted to. I was finally free to be the person I had always known I could be. Now, the semester was already over and I had settled nicely into my new life. I worked hard from the moment I stepped foot into my first class and I had excelled. In fact, I was currently at the top of my class and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. With every class I attended and every paper I wrote, I knew I was one step closer to getting my MBA. After school, I didn’t have much of a plan. I was too worried about the present. I had worked too hard to get distracted with what could be. I needed to focus on the present time, because this experience had taught me that if I didn’t focus on it and continue to encourage myself, no one was going to do it for me. Even my parents, who would tell anyone that they were supportive of my decisions, didn’t care in the least for the way I had progressed. They thought I was wasting my time and money; as though it was theirs to spend. Every time I spoke to them, they made it abundantly clear that I was wasting their time. They thought that I should marry in the town, never get anywhere in life and allow one of those dimwits to provide for me.’

Then Collin enters the picture and we understand the predicament that develops. ‘My family hates her. Her family hates me right back. Flora and I don't need their approval. I love her, and I'm not letting go. No matter what. Gold digger. Charlatan. Fraud. Those are the words my family likes to fling around about my wife. It's been ten years, and they still think she's after my money. But they're wrong. Strong. Fearless. Beautiful. Those are the words I'd use to describe Flora. She came from nothing, and she made her life as big as her dreams. But sometimes I wonder if her dreams are too big. She's got all the time in the world for her job, but not so much for me. And even less time for making a baby and raising a family. The further ahead she gets, the more it feels like she's leaving me behind. But I won't let her go. If she runs, I'll follow. I'll prove both our families wrong, and show them that our love is meant to last. Flora's mine, even if she doesn't always know it. Can I stop Flora from running away, or will she finally decide her dreams are more important than our marriage?’

The story rambles but includes enough steam to keep the engine chugging – really the point in Chick Lit books. The sidebar characters add the backboard against which this love bounces. But all’s well that end’s well and this one ends well indeed. Grady Harp, June 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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