Monday, June 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Conversational Spanish Dialogues' by Lingo Mastery

Lingo Mastery has embarked on a mission – to make Spanish more accessible to a wider population. In the Introductory Note the goal is stated well: ‘So you want to learn Spanish, beloved reader? Excellent — if you’ve purchased this book then you’re already well on your way to doing so. Spanish, also called Castilian, is a beautiful tongue spoken by over 570 million people across the world; it is a language that has spread across every continent and which opens the doors to entire worlds once you learn to speak it. Since we are born, our life is constantly about picking up small and large things and learning to identify what works for us and what doesn’t; knowing what we can improve with and what makes us worse; and finally, studying where we made the wrong choices and learning lessons from them. Learning a language is no different. Some students choose — or are provided with — the wrong means of study, with professors giving them boring textbooks full of rules they’ll never learn or need in a real world situation; while others may overwhelm them with reading material that only serves to make them feel uncomfortable and doubtful of their own skills and level as a Spanish learner. Our goal with this book is to allow you, the reader, to encounter useful, entertaining conversations that adapt very well into dozens of real life situations that you can and certainly will encounter in the Spanish-speaking world, giving you a chance to fend for yourself when you come across them! Vocabulary is crucial to learning any new language, and the conversations in this book will guarantee you pick up plenty of it and watch how it is applied to real life.’

But on to the contents. The story/conversations include Shopping, Calling a Taxi, Requesting a Work Appointment, Booking a Hotel, Beach holidays, Baseball Game Invitations, Help!, Volunteers, I don’t like my job, Birthday present, I can’t find it Failed Subject, Baby Shower, Filming a video, Danger - a total of 105 frequently encountered conversational stories offered in Spanish and in English side by side that makes learning Spanish fun! And so it proceeds with one of the more accessible adjuncts to mastering the Spanish vocabulary in a manner that places words in context and thus – easy to remember!

The technique is solid and the lessons well taught. This is a very fine introduction to Spanish, appropriate for all age levels, and a book much needed at this time in our national status! Grady Harp, May 18
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book

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