Sunday, June 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Christmas Kink' by Kay Jaybee


When the cold winter nights draw in and the temperature plummets, who can resist a sprinkle of kink?
Christmas Kink is a collection of five festive short stories all written by Ms Jaybee. Each one is unique, kinky and sure to get you hot under the collar.
Santa’s Little Helper is deliciously naughty, telling the tale of one of Santa’s sexy lady elves getting down and dirty in the grotto. It kind of shocked me, even though it’s short, because it is just so bad! But I don’t mind a little shocking every now and then, it’s nice to have something widen my eyes as I read.
Decorations describes a new way to dress a tree and your girlfriend. This story is f/f and deals with some imaginative ways of using tinsel as bondage and tree hanging decorations as nipple clamps. Marcia and Erin are clearly an established couple and this story romps along nicely as things heat up to boiling point and more than the tree gets decorated.
Candy at Christmas is a pony-play story and completely took me by surprise as this was my first encounter with this kink. Mae gets the Christmas wish she’s been hoping for when her lover Jack gets her the horse tack she’s been dreaming of. With her wearing a bridle, boots and corset and with a butt plug tale neatly slotted in her ass, things get hot enough to melt any amount of snow, add in another ‘pony’ and I couldn’t read this story fast enough to see what was going to happen next – phew!
Little Red Dress tells the tale of Alice who scrubs up beautifully for a Christmas party in an attempt to show her ex just what he’s missing. I won’t say much more than that because this story has a few twists and turns, a nice little interlude in a cupboard and more girl-on-girl action. I certainly couldn’t guess where the story was taking me, a credit to the author.
Cake Mix is perhaps my favorite story in the collection, though I did enjoy them all, I think it’s because the ‘food fighting kid’ in me really saw, and felt, and tasted every slap, slop and splodge of food as Mel and Andy got angry with each other and then made up in delicious style.
Christmas Kink is a great collection of saucy Christmas tales that tick all the boxes and then some when it comes to kink. I really enjoyed Ms Jaybee’s voice, she’s straight in for the action and although there is romance, respect and love, these aspects of the characters relationships are secondary to the sex. So if an erotic Christmas anthology to curl up by the fire and read is what you’re looking for, Christmas Kink might just be your thing!

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