Friday, June 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Angling For Love' by Lea Barrymire


Arin Walters walks in on her boyfriend with another woman and takes off on her vacation to Montana for a long overdue fishing trip. I’ll admit I enjoyed the idea of a woman who loves to fish, it was a unique skill for a heroine to have. It definitely makes her the idea woman for Brent and Jared, who are looking for a woman to share their lives with.
Arin is a bit conflicted since she just got out of the only real relationship she’s ever been in, yet finds herself falling hopelessly in love with both Jared and Brent. I liked that Arin took the leap and decided to go for it with Brent and Jared even though her father didn’t agree and she’s still dealing with the issues caused by her ex.
Having Brent and Jared tied so closely together because of their past abuse was a new thing for me. It works for them, even if at times I’ll admit it brought me down when I was trying to read for enjoyment. I understood that it was there to add a bit of realism to their relationship but I admit that it was very hard for me to read. Brent and Jared together are perfect for Arin, and their almost telepathic way of communicating was great because they were almost always in sync when it came to Arin and her needs.
The sex scenes were definitely plentiful and in ways more realistic since they took things slow and didn’t immediately jump to full on sex with both men at once. That was appreciated and Ms. Barrymire can write a smoking hot sex scene, I was never left wondering who was where and when. It was all very clear, which is hard to do when trying to keep track of so many people and all of their limbs, but Ms. Barrymire pulls it off seamlessly.
I highly recommend this story, it’s full of hot scenes, lots of the great outdoors and enough internal and external conflict to keep the story moving along.

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