Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Book Review: 'The Alliance' by Loribelle Hunt


Morgan will do anything to protect her brother and sister, even stay away from the men she knew were destined to be her mates ever since she met them. When things get worse, she runs to them knowing that while they’ll be furious with her, they’ll protect her and her family.
Isaac and Davis have missed Morgan and that’s clear from how fast the chemistry between Morgan and them take off once she’s in their house on their territory. This is shifter story with fated mates, though Morgan isn’t a shifter, so there is a fair amount of fate’s involvement in their courtship.

While they act on their attraction quickly they then slow down and take time to actually get to know each other and to soothe all of Morgan’s fears. This is a quick but very entertaining read. I found myself wanting to read the other books in this series since I enjoyed this one.

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