Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Yet to Come' by Zenobia Renquist


Rae is known among the House Kringle to hold a successful record as the ghost of Christmas future in turning people to the light. Rae latest mission is to turn Zane Grehawick into the light by end of sunrise Christmas morning. There are some in the House Kringle that doubt and question where Rae’s loyalties lie. Could Rae be failing with Zane on purpose?
Yet to Come is a quick and to the point novella. I am a fan of Zenobia because she has a way about writing that gives you exactly what you need to immerse you in a world that she has created. She has a vivid imagination and does a good job of painting the scenes of her vision in her writing. Though the book takes place during Christmas, the author’s short story has a cast of hot characters and spicy love scenes that raise the winter temperature way above freezing.
I like the strength of Rae as a female, and then how she is helpless against the pull that Zane has on her. Zane being human has no way of contacting Rae but risk going to House Hel just to see her. This to me is such a heighten sense of connection between the two, and to add to it they do not even realize it. This also shows the talent of the author being able to build the intensity between the characters in such a short story.
If you have a few moments for a short mental get away, I suggest settling down with Yet to Come; it is one of Zenobia’s signature quick predictable happy ending read.

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