Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Yes Sir' by Cassandra Bloom

Author Cassandra Bloom offers as her bio only some commentary about the topics about which she writes as the following – ‘Who doesn’t love a bad boy? Come on in... it’s time to indulge the bad girl in you. Follow your instincts. Trust your Heart. Ignore Logic. Ignore the Complications. Just go for it.’ Cassandra introduces powerfully steamy alpha male bad boys who find their happy ever after with a curvy, feisty lady ...Chick Lit lovers’ dream. And she doesn’t disappoint.

Cassandra’s writing style is accessible and conversational as her opening defines – ‘With her black khaki slacks tightly conforming to her hips, her matching jacket showing off her full bust, her platinum hair perfectly brushed and straightened, and with just enough makeup to look professional but not so much to enjoy a night out after, Abby Townsend sat in the back of a quiet taxi cab en route to her newest job. As she watched the city skyline in the distance, Abby hoped that she would finally have a job that would last longer than a year. She had long ago accepted turnover as a nanny, given that at some point, kids just didn’t need watching anymore, but just once, she wanted a family that had more than one kid more than two years apart. She hadn’t known much about the family she had gotten hired to—her company, Personnel Studios, had merely provided an address, a salary she couldn’t refuse, and the assurances they had passed a background check—but if they could just have a young kid and then another one along the way later, that would make her life infinitely easier. And maybe I’ll finally have enough money to enjoy myself. Been running around with these infants way too long. “150 Davis Lane,” the cab driver said abruptly, pulling Abby out of her running internal monologue. Abby looked out of her window. As far as she could see, from the outside, the apartment didn’t match the salary offered to her. It looked modern, sure. Nice, even. But luxurious? Best in the city? The kind of place where someone waited by the front door like they did in Manhattan? The kind of place with its own paid security? If Abby were to judge this book by its cover, she would have left it on the shelf at the bookstore.’

But then, after getting past a kinky introduction to teenage Trina she encounter her boss – Malcolm Malloy, and the synopsis takes it from there: ‘He’s a billionaire, and I’m his servant, his kid’s nanny. I’m a professional, and what I did just now was about as unprofessional as you can get. I can’t help fantasizing about last night... Those hands dismantled my defenses one by one. He knocked me off my feet and scooped me up in his arms. One bulging bicep hooked under my knees. The other arm strapped around my back. But I wake up alone and sore in Malcolm Malloy’s luxury bedroom. He doesn’t call or anything. Is he planning on firing me this morning? What could he possibly see in me? He’s my boss, after all. He had his way with me, all right. He had me every which way, all night long. He’s a stud, a master. He owns me, body and soul. He has me, and now I want him to follow his monster craving to its limit.’

Short, erotic, and two bonus book to further appease - Barista & The Billionaire and Virgin for the Beast. A veritable feast for the Chick Lit audience. Grady Harp, May 18

This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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