Monday, May 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Wicked Little Secrets' by Susanna Ives


Being good can be so hard when being wicked comes naturally.
Ms. Vivienne Taylor is not prim and proper as other young ladies of the ton are. Though she’s just a craftsmen daughter she still strives to marry someone with wealth and be the perfect wife. With the help of her aunt, all she wants is to secure a good marriage and help her father with his troubles. When the perfect man purposes, Vivienne and her aunt are elated. Then Vivienne’s secret childhood friend and neighbor returns from his travels abroad and threatens her good girl behavior.
Lord Dashiell is a rake of the highest degree! A jet setter of his time, he never stays in one place too long and uses his love of history as an escape for anything important. Until little Vivienne reenters his life as a full grown, beautiful woman in need of his help. The two then become entangled in a mystery that is both devastating and hilarious at times. All the while Vivienne is promising to be perfect and Lord Dashiell is tempting her to misbehave. When they both give in their lust ignites the page and you just want more.
I have to applaud Susanna Ives for her work in Wicked Little Secrets. I have never, ever laughed so hard or swooned so much while reading a historical romance. The secondary characters were amazing additions to this tale of love and betrayal and secrets and lies. Vivienne was a lovely change of pace from the typical women we sometimes read about because she was simply wild in her thoughts and feelings. And while Lord Dashiell was a typical rake, his character was diverse enough to keep me locked in.
I read this book in one sitting because I simply couldn’t put it down. The mystery that Ms. Ives weaves was fantastic and had me guessing until the very end. To be able to meld the vivid characters and complex scheme as this author did earned her a Best Book in my eyes. If you love historical romances, then this book is a must!

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