Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Whole Again' by Caitlyn Willows


Hannah Buckner misses her husband Danny like crazy. His three month deployment has felt like forever, and the fact all the other wives also missed their respective husbands and bitched to her hasn’t helped matters. The simple joy of finding a letter from Danny when she returns home goes a long way to improving Hannah’s mood. Feeling naughty, she writes a scorching, explicit letter in return to him… and hungrily awaits the response.
I really enjoyed this story and found that it started out totally different, refreshingly so. Hannah and Danny are separated by a huge distance, but their love and desire for each other is clear to see. Learning of their relationship through their letters and actions while alone was a breathtakingly different way to look at an erotic romance. There’s still heaps of heat and sparkling chemistry, and the fact they’re married and apart from each other doesn’t lessen this one iota. I found this to be a titillating view into how a married couple could keep the fire alive (and burning!) when life and work keeps them physically apart.
There is plenty of sexual action by their own hands in the first half and finally face-to-face in the latter stages of the book. I feel the author should be commended on how the love and lust both Hannah and Danny felt for each other really shone through. Even though they missed being together, neither were bitter, or resented the fact they were apart. Each were mature and understanding – both of each other and the situation. Their coming together when Danny’s given a month’s leave is smoking hot, and a brilliant culmination from lots of foreplay. Readers who need a fully resolved ending might feel this short story doesn’t tie up all the loose ends – but I still enjoyed the place where the story finished. While a short post-script would have been nice, having a few unanswered questions doesn’t lessen the impact of the emotion-fueled tale this told. This is a refreshingly different tale, full of steamy sex and a huge amount of anticipation making the final party that much sweeter. Recommended.

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