Monday, May 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Untangle Me' by S.J. Maylee


If you’re looking for a quick, enjoyable, sexy read, then Untangle Me by SJ Mayleei is your book.
As part of the Romance on the Go line from Evernight Publishing, Untangle Me is a short story that explores the budding romance between Ivy and Seth.
I found both characters to be quite likable. On the one hand, Ivy is a woman with a strong personality. She’s been through a lot and is setting up her own event planning business. She’s a hard working, confident woman that has her priorities clear. She’s also a submissive in training. On the other hand, Seth is a successful businessman. He’s 15 years Ivy’s elder (something that worries him on occasion and made him endearing for me). He’s handsome, persistent and knows exactly what he wants. He’s also a Dom. The romance between the character develops at a leisurely pace. I appreciated this since it gave me the impression that more than sex brought them together: they were also interested in each other as people.
To be honest, the sex was a bit disappointing. Knowing that Seth is a Dom and Ivy a submissive, I was expecting more BDSM action. All I got was a bite and a few orders: “Put your hands back above your head” or “Keep looking at me”. Furthermore, I found the office scene, to which I was looking forward, a bit dull, especially since according to the book, it seems prior meetings at the office had been much hotter. However, the sex scenes in the story are very well written and described. One of my favorites, was the one at the dance floor, where passion builds between Seth and Ivy in tempo with the music. So sexy!
All in all, Untangle Me was a pleasant evening read.

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