Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Book Review: 'That Dating Thing' by Mackenzie Crowne


Rylee Pierce has trust issues because her father was a stock swindler. Cooper Reed is a charmer, a flirt, and atop of that, a public prosecutor. But love is such a great thing that strikes when one is least prepared, and no matter what the obstacles are, love finds its way to a happy ending. And that is exactly what happened to Rylee and Cooper.
That Dating Thing is an love-at-first-sight story. Their romance really progresses and develops nicely and the problems they encounter are resolved in a satisfying manner. The only thing I found a bit over the top is the emphasizing of Rylee’s father’s crime that occurred some ten years in the past. I think that people tend to forget these kinds of things because there are so many scandals on a daily basis. And in relation to that I found Cooper’s reaction way too selfish, not to say unnecessary, even for the sake of the story. In spite of all that, I enjoyed reading this story; it was fun, a quick read, with lot of interesting characters and two funky dogs. I love how Rylee dealt with the situation once the truth came out in public and I was so happy that Reed saw that Rylee is way more than her father’s daughter.
If you are looking for something light with big dogs with a clever and compassionate heroine, read That Dating Thing.

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