Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Book Review: 'Telling Tales' by Charlotte Stein


A mansion available for whatever you want to do, if you dare to show up.
Charlotte Stein’s work is always hot. I mean, burn your fingers as you read hot. Telling Tales is no exception. The writing is, for the most part, tight – there are a few hiccups and places I had to reread, but nothing big.
From an erotic point of view, this is a great book. There’s a lot of sex. A lot of sex. Experimentation and giving in to desire abounded on every page. If you want hot, then this is the book.
I tend to want a little more plot with my erotic elements and this book seemed a bit lacking. I never really got to know the characters or what drove them. All the time in bed trumped character development. I wanted to know more about Cameron’s submissive side or how they got to the ending I completely didn’t see coming. I like rich descriptions and I didn’t seem to get them.
Still, I enjoyed Telling Tales. It’s rich with eroticism and sexual adventure. Yes, Telling Tales is a good book. There is a boatload of heat. If you want a book that’s heavy on the sex and the escapism, then this might be the book for you.

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