Monday, May 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Tamed By the Fire' by Maxine Mansfield


My favorite book in the series so far, Tamed By the Fire was hot, fun, and exciting. And the gnomes are slowly starting to grow on me.
Kit’s been crushing on Zander for as long as she can remember, and she’s chosen him for the one to take her virginity during her deflowering ceremony. While she can’t see into his mind, we can, and we know the idea of being with her is more than tempting. Unfortunately, he’s heir to the throne and there are very strict guidelines on who he must marry, so he doesn’t want to act on his feelings, and says some unflattering things about her to make it seem he’s less interested than he is. Still, after much time and strong encouragement by her parents, he agrees to her deflowering.
It makes for a very hot scene as he’s determined to make sure she enjoys her first time. Ms. Mansfield is remarkably skilled in her writing of these scenes… they’re descriptive, sexy, and stimulating, but not coarse. Exactly the type of sex scene I appreciate most.
There’s a misunderstanding immediately following, and it causes years to pass before Zander and Kit meet again. I admit to being a bit frustrated by it — If Kit had simply asked one question of Zander, it wouldn’t have been the mess it was. Still, she was very young and immature, so it wasn’t completely outside of her nature to behave the way she did.
And the gnomes … we can’t have a review without mentioning them. I think the gnomes were less annoying to me this book because they were integral to much of the plot, whereas they’ve typically felt more like comic relief and not much else in the other books. You get their disgusting sense of humor here, but they do more than entertain.
When Zander and Kit meet again, Zander is sworn to protect her when it’s discovered her life is in danger. This, of course, forces them to spend time together and the spark is still humming between them.
We see characters from previous books as well, but I think this story stands alone fine.
There’s plenty of fantasy action here, as well as many typical fantasy characters that one expects including elves and dragons and more. There’s magic and mischief and really it’s just a book that succeeds famously in entertaining the reader. It seems the author just keeps getting better with each book.

If you’re a fan of fantasy, but want plenty of heat with your story, I recommend grabbing a copy of Tamed By the Fire, and probably the three books before this one. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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